SARDIS, Ga. (WJBF) – This is not a scene from a Sci-Fi movie…it’s Danny’s Nelson’s yard in Sardis, where he has his own Area 51. 

“I put these things together…that was really similar to the ship that I saw,” he said.  

Yes, Danny’s UFO display was inspired in part by what he saw in the sky back in the 1980’s…

“I had been coming from work in Waynesboro one day and something looked about the length of a big jet airplane but it was cigar shaped, “he said.  

Now that could prompt one to create this UFO display, but Danny says he had a closer encounter a few years later in Sardis.  

“I’ve been in there and I have been examined and they’re very nice to me. I was elevated from the truck out,” Danny said. 

Danny says he had a face-to-face encounter with aliens. 

They are gray, he says, not green. And they’re nice but curious.  

“He said he’s not there to harm me. He wanted to do an examination, I was going to be probed,” Danny said. 

Danny’s display is far out, the story seems far-fetched. 

“This sounds crazy.”

“It does, it sounds crazy, but the crazy ones are going to be the ones who don’t believe,” he said.

Jack Johnson has known Danny for more than 40 years.

“Yes sir. I believe his story. He never lied to me, just because it does not sound real. It is real,” said Jack. 

Area 51 in Sardis, Georgia. 

“Yes sir, that’s exactly right. It sounds funny, it sounds crazy. People got to realize there’s  something out there,” he said.  

And this display qualifies.

Out There Somewhere in Sardis, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.