AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s all for the fall, Thanksgiving!

“Oh yes, I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I love to spend time with my family; love to cook food,” said Rachel Denny.

And if you’re cooking for the family or four hundred, you know what must be on the menu.

“Got to have it all, especially that big old nice brown turkey in the middle of the table,” said Joan Williams. She loves that turkey because of where she lives: Turkey Trail Road. “It’s a tradition. If you live on Turkey Trail you got to have the turkey.”

But even on Turkey Trail, you can’t live on turkey alone. “You got to have cranberry sauce,” said Williams.

Rachel Denny and her son Kylo know this because they live on Cranberry Circle. And you know they must take this number one side very seriously. “No, I don’t because I don’t even like cranberry,” said Denny.

On Turkey Trail, they love the Butterball. On Cranberry Circle there’s not the same level of love. “I’m not a big turkey fan, I’m more of a ham person,” said Denny.

It’s a Turkey Trail, Cranberry Circle clash but don’t worry it’s Thanksgiving. Rachel Denny likes ham instead of turkey.

“Oh goodness,” said Williams. Would she still be welcome on Turkey Trail? “Sure, most definitely.”