AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — St. Patrick’s Day, where even those not from the land of the leprechaun don’t have to be green with envy.

“It’s a great day, it’s a great day to be Irish, and this is once a year where everybody can be Irish,” said Ralph Bowles.

It’s a celebration of everything Irish including, the gift of gab, those great Irish sayings… do you have a favorite? 

“Probably, let’s see, ‘Erin Go Bragh,’ which is Irish for, ‘Ireland Forever,’” said Patrick Douglas.  

We went online to find some more off beat Irish sayings.

St. Patrick’s Day is a big party, and some might get rowdy, that’s called “acting the maggot.” 

Certainly, they knew that around here.

“I have never heard that one, acting the maggot,” said Patrick.

“Hmm no,” said Elaine Bowles.

Getting rowdy, are you going to act the maggot later? 

“She is,” said Ralph with a laugh.

“Are you going to act the Maggot later?”
“Yes, I would say so later,” said Tina Rojas.  

“Getting Rowdy huh, I might be a maggot later on,” said Patrick.

This did come off the internet, so is “acting the maggot” a real Irish saying, well Neil Murphy knows. 

“Yeah, acting the maggot, it’s a saying, you know, having a good time, you know, being jolly and having good fun,” said Neil in his Irish brogue.
“Have you ever acted the maggot?”
“Oh, many a time many a time,” he said.  

So, they’re lucky to be Irish, or Jammy, as the say in old country.