AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At the Goodwill store on Wrightsboro Road, it’s something they hear a lot around this time of year from customers in need.  

“Very popular this year especially with employees planning to be going to Christmas parties. That is the first thing customers ask for when they come in: do have any sweaters on hand?” says store manager Rachel Smith.  

The ugly Christmas sweater is a way to generate some Ho, Ho, Hos for the holidays, and with its rock-bottom prices, many folks head to Goodwill. 

“Yes, they do, because you have people having parties, or they are just getting together with their families and friends, and they want to showcase their ugly sweater that they got at the Goodwill,” says Shavette Cooper.  

They have a lot of Christmas clothing here, and some certainly qualify as tacky. 

“it’s pretty ugly, for example, we got Christmas pajamas with the cats on it,” says Shavette. 

 But sweaters this season are in too high demand. 

“We have sold all of them,” says Rachel.  

“All of them?”

“All of them. So right now, all we are doing is building,” 

Goodwill is encouraging buyers to do it themselves by taking some Christmas decorations and putting them on a sweater.  

“Put some stuff together here in the store to create my own,” says Latasha Few. 

“What’s the best base color for an ugly sweater?” 

“I believe red,” says Latasha.  

Well, if you can’t find the Ugly Christmas sweater, try this tacky one piece.

Your friends will be jealous… Out There Somewhere in Augusta.