AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — This is the season Augusta shines.  

“It’s just beautiful, perfect weather, everything is blooming, it’s gorgeous,” said Robby Warner. 

There is plenty of evidence, azaleas in bloom, dogwoods barking out their beauty, these signs all say one thing.

“Masters is coming to town,” said Freddie Chapman.
“Sign of Spring?”
“Oh yeah,” said Freddie.

The plants are a Spring sign, but so is the appearance of “golf traffic” signs.

Some say these spring bloomers are a pest, but they are a sure sign of the season.

And you know that Winter is in full retreat when you see these come out of the ground. These white and green beauties announce the arrival of the season.

“Anybody in Augusta knows Masters is a sign of Spring,” said Antonio Cobert.

Now both are a sign of Spring, but which is better? 

“I think the golf, yeah definitely,” said Alison Schratz.  

“I love the flowers; but I like seeing all the folks coming in for the tournament, it’s a good time in Augusta,” said Robby.

But come on, nature rules, azaleas and dogwoods say Spring.  

“Yeah, they’re nice, but maybe somewhere else, Masters, you already know if you’re in Augusta, Masters, Masters. Masters,” said Antonio.
“Masters springtime?”
“Masters springtime,” said Antonio.

And you know it’s springtime when the green bleacher creatures are migrating. Another sign of the times Out There Somewhere in Augusta.