AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – This can’t be good: a nearly-black cat on Friday the 13th, especially right here at the 1300 block of 13th Street.

“It’s not unlucky, it’s real lucky. It just falls on how you handle yourself you know what I’m saying. if you ain’t out for trouble, you won’t get trouble,” said Tiffany.

On Friday the 13th, if trouble is going to find you it would find you here.

“No sir no body ain’t going come over here playing,” said Pop.

If you want to go down 13th Street, you’re out of luck on Friday the 13th.

“The timing couldn’t be worse, this is still a very busy time a year for us,” said Andy Jordan’s Bike Shop owner Drew Jordan.

You might want to avoid 13th Street on Friday the 13th but you can’t if you’re going to Andy Jordan’s Bike Shop, where customers must run a gauntlet of construction work to get to the door.   

“Are you a superstitious guy?” 

“Not super superstitious, but yeah. I just think it’s one of those things,” said Jordan.  

This part of 13th Street isn’t a good thing on Friday the 13th. Even those not afraid of the 1300 block don’t want to go there.

“Oh I try to avoid that traffic because I want to get to point A to Point B as quickly as possible,” said Pop.  

At the bike shop it would be on a lucky streak if the 13th Street construction was over, but don’t press your luck, it’s not going to happen on this Friday the 13th.