HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – At the Harlem Java House, you will see it in September.  

“It gets more and more popular. We actually ordered five or six more bottles of it than we normally do because we offer pumpkin spice all year round, but in September, the calendar is turning,” said Shann Lee, an owner. 

It’s the flavor people fall for: pumpkin spice, and now that it’s September, here at the Harlem Java House, pumpkin spice proponents are ready to rock. 

“I think people just expect this time to be the time of pumpkin spice, so I expect it to be super popular as always. Every year, it’s like that,” said Sang Lee, an owner.  

There is no better place for pumpkin spice than a Harlem coffee house, but some keep a closer eye on the thermometer than the calendar when considering their order.  

“It’s too hot. I don’t feel it yet, but I’ll feel it October 1st,” said Jessica Griffin.  

“If people order pumpkin spice too early, are they kind of lame?” 

“Yeah, they are,” Jessica said.  

But for others, they feel no shame in being lame for their beloved flavored latte   

“Love pumpkin spice all year round,” said Hannah Grove 

“I think it’s too early.” 

In the Harlem area, they know pumpkin. There is the nearby pumpkin center mall, but despite the name, this is not a pumpkin spice hot bed.  

“No, Lord, I’m not a pumpkin spice man,” said David Braddy. 

“You’re in pumpkin center!” 

“But I don’t drink pumpkin spice. I do eat pumpkin pie though,” said David.  

Pumpkin spice today, tomorrow, and for at least one next month.