AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – They’ll make it past Halloween, but the clock is ticking on ten downtown Augusta sculptures.

“I loved seeing them, Augusta is like an arts city, I think it fits the Augusta chic,” said Ernie Silva.  

The sculpture trail displays were never supposed to last forever, but in the next few weeks, the city will be bidding them a sad goodbye.  

 “They go home,” said Arts Council Executive Director Brenda Durant.
“Oh, when? In January?”
“They’ll go home in late December, and ten more will come in in January,” said Durant. 

But not all of them are going, at least three are staying. Tamika Jefferson has a business downtown, and a workshop-looking one is her favorite.  

“The one at the end of this block, I think, because I walk past it often, it’s a little sentimental to me,” Tamika said.
“The one with the screws, you like the screws?”
“I do,” she said with a laugh. 

“This one, I like this one because it’s in front of my favorite bar,” said Ernie.

Well, somebody’s going to be happy. The three scheduled to stay are Jumping Jack Flash, the popular Maestro and Student, and the ice cream bars.

“Good, I like the ice cream bars as well,” said Ernie. 

 But washing out, this one, talked about getting… 

 “No, I want the screws,” said Tamika with a laugh.  

They’ve been something to see, but soon it will be see-ya for most of the downtown sculptures.