AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — If you’re mesmerized by minerals, this place rocks.  

“Labradorite, I love watching the flashes, I really love that stuff, I also picked up some malachite,” said Sabrina Cila, from Louisville, Kentucky.

Rock-hounds are heading to the Aiken-Augusta Rock Mineral and Fossil Show to see what has been uncovered.

“I love finding them out in the real world and were fortunate we live in a part of the country we can find fossil shark teeth and quartz crystals out there in real life,” said Walt Kubilius, who was working for the show.

For these folks, fossils are fantastic, and they’re a big part of this show.

Check out the prehistoric shark teeth, and the fossilized fish. They’re popular with these rock jocks, and there are dinosaur bones, imagine finding those.

“Oh, it’s a thriller, every kid’s dream I want to find my own dinosaur,” said Richard Hightower, a vendor at the show from North Carolina.

Jan from North Augusta through she had one better, suspected dinosaur eggs, but after an examination they could not be certified as Fred and Wilma’s breakfast food.

“We kind of knew they could be or didn’t have to be, we were okay about it, because we love them, I’m still excited I was told to look for a second opinion as well that’s okay we’ll do that,” said Jan Boulineau.

For these folks, no need for a second opinion, when it comes to gems, minerals, and fossils they dig them.