MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) — Putt-Putt is proving to be a popular place, but this isn’t date night for the ‘what color ball should I use?’ crowd. 

“We have about 72 of the greatest in the world from across the country that are here,” said Joe Aboid, Commissioner of the Professional Putters Association.

Welcome to the Professional Putters Association National Championship, back in Augusta after twenty years.

But professional Putt-Putt? These players get that a lot.

Some say ‘I’ve never heard of it,’ and some say ‘They’re still playing that?’” said Greg Newport. a pro-putter from Hickory, North Carolina.

This is a major tournament. a five-day competition and these guys and gals are good.

It’s not just for bragging rights.

“This is for money, it’s $18,000, so it’s a nice hobby to have,” said Aboid.  

Watching you see professional Putt-Putt is mostly veterans. 

Brice Bergesen is about to turn 76 and is on the leaderboard, but he should be good, he’s been doing it for decades.

“I’ve been playing as a PPA pro since 1967, I just love it, it’s just a lot of fun,” said Bergesen.

Like regular golf, the goal of Putt-Putt is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots, the dream round 18 aces, something Greg Newport doesn’t have to dream about he did it in a tourney six years ago.

“It’s so hard to do, there’s only been four who have done [it] in tournament competition in over 60 years so it’s a tough, tough thing to do,” said Newport.

The best in the world, having a ball at the PPA National Championship. Thanks for coming back to town, it was aces.