AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — What can you say about all the pollen.  

“I don’t like it,” said Ruby Cauley. 

When walking, some don’t like the rain unless it knocks down this pollen.

“Oh, for sure, I just got back from a week-long trip, my wife and I’s truck was fully yellow,” said Hermon Williams.  

“The more rain we can get to make it go away the better,” said Tommy Tanner.  

The pollen isn’t going away anytime soon, but at least we’re keeping track of it with the pollen count, you follow that don’t you?

“No, I don’t, I should but I don’t,” said Gloria Allen.

So how is the pollen counted?  

“I have no idea,” said Hermon.

Here is what we’ve found online. There are five pollen count monitors nearby. Three in Evans and two in North Augusta.

But Augusta has pollen and seems to have no monitors, but should we? So, we know when it is bad?

“It’s not going to help, what can you do about it, I mean, it’s going to fall when it’s time for it to fall, like I said, mother nature,” said Hank Sturgis.
“It’s better not to know really.”
“Okay,” said Hank.

Pollen, springtime in the Garden City. You can count on it, but who’s counting?