Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – It’s called Aqueduct Park and regular canal goers know it, as a popular swimming hole.

“It’s very peaceful, the waterfalls., and having some free open space,” said Aijah Beard 

Other people use it too?”  

“Yeah,” Aijah said, 

“Have you ever swam, down at Aqueduct Park,   

Oh yeah, oh yeah,” said Truck Carlson/. 

Great spot for beating the heat, but hey you’re not going to get in? 

“No, I’m not dressed for it so,” said Aijah. 

 People have been coming for decades close to 100 years, teenagers hanging, out, families with kids it’s an inviting spot now there is something coming here that you may not like.  

Yes, there is a gator in Aqueduct Park, it’s a juvenile gator, it will have to move out if it gets any bigger because there’s not enough food there,” said Truck.  

Truck Carlson is with the group Concerned Veterans for Clean Water, he is on the river all the time, sees a lot of gators, and has this advice about the Aqueduct gator.  

“Appreciate its beauty appreciate its grandeur but do not feed it and do not interact with it,” said Truck.  

“Would you want to go swimming with an alligator?” 

 No thank you,” said Aijah 

“Just a little?” 

“No,” she said with a laugh.  

“They are there, they’re going to stay away from noise so kids jumping around in the water would drive any small gator away,” said Truck 

There was not a crowd at the Aqueduct today but that just might be how this wily wee gator wants it.