“Out There…Somewhere”: Why the turtle crossed the road?

Out There Somewhere

This is turtle country. Where River Island Parkway crosses Jones Creek

“There’s an awful lot of turtles around here,” said Frazer McGivray who lives nearby. 

The turtles may be slow, but they’re not stationary. They like to explore says Frazer McGilvray, a marine biologist. 

“They do move, and they move with purpose as well. Turtles know where they’re going. They’re not kind of going out for a random wander on a Wednesday afternoon,” said Frazer. 

And when the turtles get up and go, there’s something on the roadway to help them along. 

“There are turtle ramps that we have here, and we have two different kinds here,” said Frazer. 

Yes five turtle ramps on the curbs to help turtles climb over.

To a turtle, the curb might as well be Mount Everest, but without the crowds.

“Where you have these curbs that are perpendicular to the road, turtles can’t actually get up that,” said Frazer. 

Couple of different turtle ramp styles out here, you have the floor mat looking ones and sort of like a speed bump. Don’t be deceived, this one is top-notch. 

 “In my opinion that’s your gold standard right there,” said Frazer. 

Brilliant do-it-yourself turtle ramps, something you might expect a marine biologist to come up with.

“I didn’t put them in. One of the neighbors put them in,” said Frazer. 

And the turtles are glad they are there. Now cooter just slider on by 

Out There somewhere in Evans George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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