“Out There…Somewhere”: Where exactly is the Art Cart?

Out There Somewhere

It caught Aaron Stevens a little by surprise. The ‘Art Cart’

“I seen it when I walked in. I was wondering what the deal was. Looks nice, somebody took some time on the paint, ” said Aaron. 

The Art Cart is a modified golf cart anchored to the sidewalk. Painted on it are Augusta scenes and celebrities. 

“You can tell it’s free hand and it’s gorgeous,” said Linda Carswell. 

Not only cool the the  Art Cart  serves as  a bike rack, there’s a tourist map, and if the battery on your mobile dies there’s a solar powered phone charger. 

“The celebrity golf cart man I give it too thumbs up everybody,” said  Bennie Holmes. 

To feel good it’s got to be located in a place where a lot of people see it.

The James Brown statue and Common? A lot of people come here, but no Art Cart.

Lots of eyeballs out here, especially next week. Where should the art cart go?

“I would put it on Washington Road near the Masters,” said Aaron. 

Washington Road? No.

The Art Cart is set up downtown on James Brown Boulevard across the street from the library. But its exact location is right next to that visitor hotbed: the Public Defenders Office. 

“Yeah and that place stays busy,” said Linda. 

Those who love the look of the Art Cart aren’t so sure it’s getting maximum visibility at this site, though.

They say the library does get a lot of traffic. 

“The library enhances the attractiveness to the golf cart more than the Public Defenders Office. Lets just block out the public defenders. No offense, public defenders,” said Bennie. 

None taken, because this public art needs no public defending but it’s there just in case.  

Out there Somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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