“Out There…Somewhere”: Time in a capsule, we’ll wait

Out There Somewhere

Shovels in a cemetery, not out of the ordinary, but what’s going into the ground will be coming out again. 

“We’re burying artifacts from today’s lifestyle,” said Glenn Parker on his last day as Recreation and Parks Director for Augusta.

Artifacts in twin time capsules: one going into the ground at Magnolia Cemetery, the other the Cedar Grove Cemetery in conjunction with their bicentenial celebration. Some cool stuff inside we’re told…

“We got some daily use items, we got some scrap books, commemorative programs, something as simple as a du-rag,” said Joyce Law, Program Manager at the Lucy Craft Laney Museum. 

Time capsules in the ground. Cool stuff inside. I didn’t see it. Will I be around when they open it?

“In 2044 someone will open these up and take a look at them,” said Glenn. 

Time passes slowly in cemeteries, but 2044, that’s like a month in time capsule time. 

“Not 100 years 25?” 

“It’s just 25 years,” said Joyce. 

25 years. They’ll probably still be working on the Broad Street Bridge over Hawks Gulley. Is that long enough? 

“Oh no,” said Christine Miller-Betts of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum.

“It’s not long enough.”

“No, un-uh,  it’s not long enough,” she said with a laugh. 

So in 25 years they will gather again, dig up these time capsules, I might be wearing the same tie. 

 “See you in 2044 definitely for the opening,” said Joyce.  

Maybe we’ll also open the bridge, Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George  Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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