Out There…Somewhere: Three is all its cracked to be

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Since consolidation, Augusta has boasted its standing as Georgia’s second largest city…but no longer.

“We’re 3rd,” and Glorianne Booth, who’s second now?”


“Oh okay,” said Gloriann.

Yes, Augusta is now number three, but no biggie. 

 “Oh no I could be 5th,” said Larry Komp.

But we’re number three.

Can it be cool to no longer be number two because three is a better number.

Bet on it.

Take the lottery when it comes to millions how many would you like better.

“Three million, said Kevin Gill.” 

No doubt right” 

“Yes sir,” said Kevin.

All right in baseball, three strikes you out isn’t good one of the greatest players of all time was Babe Ruth do you know who wore number two. Thought so.

At The Masters you win the green jacket if you’re three under par and the next guy is two under par because three is better than two. 

 “In that case yes,” said Kevin 

 In all cases?  

“No,” said Kevin.  

Now we all have to go into a place like this sometimes but never, ever, ever for a number three. 

“Now that’s funny,” said Dannie Mickens.  

Augusta is number three is it the best position to be. 

 “Would you rather be two or three?”   

“I’d rather be one,” said Dannie 

So, Augusta is no longer Georgia’s second largest city… don’t see red, three is a magic number.

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