Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – The wait is over for their favorite water.  

“Yeah, it’s awesome,” said Robert Baddy.

Water is flowing again at Flowing Wells, after it was purposely slowed down to an unusable trickle, and the entrance was blocked by traffic cones.  

“We were actually coming to get water and we saw the cones and could not believe it yeah it was shocking we were very concerned,” said Terra Rose.  

But PVP pipe is in place and so are the water jugs dozens coming out to celebrate. 

Celebrate, by filling up water jugs and lugging them up like a dozen stairs.

This water is so much better, and it tastes so much better, I use it for my coffee, and there is a world of difference,” said Helen Diamond.  

But a five-gallon jug weighs about 45 pounds, but you know in-laws. 

“My mother-in-law came to town she stays in Statesboro and every time she comes to Augusta, we have to come down here and get her some spring water she loves it,” said Robert. 

“But you have to carry them,”  

“Do the carrying yes sir,” said Robert.

The owners of the property don’t know why someone tried to shut off the spring. but they say they bought it to keep it open to the public  

“I’m just glad it’s still flowing,” said James Alfred. 

“You, coming back?”  

“Yes sir,” said James.

“Of course., I will be here every week, every week gathering up the constrainers for my mom for me, coming up here dragging my water up the steps,” said Terra.  

A heavy lift, they are happy to make.