Out There…Somewhere: They find swine fine

Out There Somewhere

(WJBF) – Southern Oaks Sanctuary. Opened in October…a different kind of animal rescue.

“This is pigs. We save pig’s lives,” said Beth Downs founder of Southern Oaks Sanctuary.

Yes, you could say that Beth Downs and her husband’s lives are “boaring”… like wild boaring.

It all started with this brute three years ago, Scarlett O’Hara. The Southern Belle pig. They got her from a neighbor when she weighed only about ten pounds.

“Never ever did I think that a little pig, a little bitty baby pig that has turned into being 500 pounds, would change our lives the way she did,” said Beth.

And Scarlett’s life changed for the better. She’s now a major social media star.

“And before we knew it, she almost has ten thousand followers on Facebook now.”

Now Beth is in charge of 8 pigs, but they’re preparing to make room for a lot more, depending on donations.

Beth says it’s a labor of love… but please, no bacon jokes.

“No, no food, please no food,” said Beth.

The pigs even have their own beds inside the house, decorated for Christmas. Scarlett has the biggest.

So what’s it like having the pigs staying? About what you would expect…

“It gets crazy sometimes. I get overwhelmed but I love it,” said Beth.

I know everybody calls you a pig, I think you’re swine.

This is Southern Oaks Sanctuary where the pigs are living high on the hog out there somewhere in Thomson, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Be sure to stop by Scarlett’s Facebook page by clicking HERE.

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