Out There…Somewhere: The decade of the 2020’s lets get started?

Out There Somewhere

(WJBF) – Georgia Southern is Gloria Caleb’s school. That’s why she is ready for the soaring 2020’s

“Yes, just like the eagle, I’m very ready,” said Gloria.

2020: the 20’s are here. Hard to believe…

“It doesn’t feel like it, yet I’m excited for what this decade holds,” said Mark Carroll from Aiken.

And 2020 is the start of this 3rd decade of the century, right?

“Yeah it’s a new decade. I mean it’s a new decade yeah,” said Kyle Moseley.

At the Augusta History Museum, they know decades. They have exhibits on the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and so on. It’s a good way to frame history.

“Yes it is because there’s a definite start and stop to each decade and we do it by the numbers,” said Executive Director Nancy Glaser.

But our decade expert at the Augusta Museum says ‘wait a second’ on this whole 2020 decade starting thing…

“Is this the start of the decade?

“No it is not. Officially it would start next year,” said Nancy.

“Do you buy into that?”

“I don’t, 2020 is the decade,” said Gloria.

“What do you think of who believes that?”

“I really can’t say what people believe, don’t know what they believe,” said Dre Jackson

“Wouldn’t it be lame?”

“A little lame, yes it is,” he said with a laugh.

“Do you think the decade starts with the zero or the one?

“I think it starts with the one,” said Nancy.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry George,” Namcy said laughing.

Well that’s history. We’ll get over it in about a year…out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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