AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Going where no rover had gone before: a successful landing on Mars, another great space moment to celebrate.  

“I try to watch everything NASA does. Makes you feel proud, absolutely, absolutely,” said Julie Carpenter.

“Space travel has always been exciting from the beginning, it shows we as Americans can accomplish almost anything we put our minds to,” said Eugene Tanzymore.

Names in the American space program are iconic: Gemini, Apollo, The Eagle, Columbia, now we’re exploring Mars with that rover…what is the name of that rover?

“I have no idea, but I hope they don’t drive it too fast,” said Eugene.

People, it’s on Mars! You got all the news that’s out of this world right there in your hand, so you certainly you must know the name of the interplanetary rover?

“Nope,”  said Ellie Hessek.

“Mars rover, Red Rover,” said Frankie Rachels.

“We have 24 hour cable news and you don’t know the name of it?”

“Absolutely not. I told you I was sleeping when I heard it last evening,” said Eugene.

Alright space fan, what’s the name of the rover?

“Perseverance,” said Julie.

“Perseverance that’s a good word. That’s who we Americans are. We perseverance right,” said Eugene.

But got to say on Mars, Red Rover has a ring to it…Out There Somewhere, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.