“Out There…Somewhere”: Shaking the peach tree

Out There Somewhere

TRENTON (WJBF) – The peach. It packs a powerful punch in Trenton.

Yes, you can say it’s pretty darn peachy here in Trenton, but the thing that helps put Trenton on the map is sometimes overlooked.

“Because it’s a wonderful fruit for your body,” Kelly Vann, of Trenton.

In Trenton they put the peach on a pedestal by holding this festival.

“It’s a big deal in this town,” said Shari Huiet.

And this big deal grows on trees…peach trees. Who knows how many.

“How many hundreds?”

“Thousands, thousands,” said Kelly.

“Many. Many thousands of Peach Trees here,” said Shari.

Trenton has the peach trees but you know Atlanta, it’s said, has 71 streets named Peach Tree.

There are a lot of peach trees on this road, aptly named…Airport Road?

Oh sure if you are like me, when you think of Trenton, you immediately think the airport. Did you fly into Augusta? No, Trenton.

The beautiful town square. Is it called Peach Tree square?

“No it does not have a name,” said Kelly.

Again lots of peach trees here and Atlanta has got 71 Peach Tree street names…

“Here in the Peach Capital of the world how many do you got?”

“I don’t think we have any,” said Shari.

It’s a peach tree mystery, call in Holmes and Watson. Oh they got street names.

5 year old Evelyn McNamara is from Boston, where they have Peach Tree Road, so why no Peach Tree Street in Trenton?

“I don’t know,” she said.

“Me either. I don’t know either. Kind of strange.”

So maybe one day dear Peach Tree you will have a road here named after you and wouldn’t that be sweet. Nah, they’re not quite ready Out There Somewhere in Trenton, South Carolina George Eskola NewsChannel 6.

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