“Out There…Somewhere” Scarecrows take center stage in Barnwell

Out There Somewhere

BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF) – In downtown Barnwell it takes a village, a scarecrow village. 

 “I’m really excited about this I’ve stopped and spoken to every one of them, not a whole lot of response it’s exciting,” said Roxie Cheech. 

Scarecrow excitement in Barnwell in a delightful display downtown. It started as a couple and has exploded to more than 40, it’s drawing in a lot of eyeballs.  

“The scenery it’s very creative,” said Ella Simmons. 

Yes, almost everywhere you look downtown there’s a scarecrow, or two.  

Here a scarecrow with a big bag of sugar making tea, sweet. 

There are farmers, and teachers, and this scarecrow in spin class, 

I think it’s great lots of imagination looks like a lot of hard work,” said Lucy Hudson  

““What’s your favorite?” 

“I would say the dentist, the one over there,” said Teresa Barton. 

For a lot of people this scarecrow here is probably there number one literally.  

This is Randy, and for this scarecrow the job isn’t over until the paper work is done, the visitors are giving this scarecrow his space.  

 “I’m going to take my time with him I think he needs some therapy,” said Roxie. 

But this fun scarecrow display is a nice distraction from this crazy year. The verdict is in, the scarecrows are a big hit.   

Out There somewhere in Barnwell George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel six.  

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