Harlem, Ga (WJBF) – Long before Oliver Hardy was here, heck…long before even the town was here, Harlem had a whole different handle.  

“I’ve been in Harlem thirty plus years, I didn’t know that,” said Rick Salley 

At the museum, Harlem’s history is on display, and you can see it started as the town of Sawdust. 

“Sawdust, okay,” said Rick. 

“Sawdust okay, Sawdust Road is right up there,” said Andre Miller.  

In Harlem, there is Sawdust Road, and you can visit the Sawdust Historic District, but the name Sawdust did not stick because Harlem’s town fathers did not dig the nightlife there. 

“I guess, so I guess that’s how it shook out so that was the reputation bar and brothel on every corner,” said Harlem Museum Director Andrew McMahan. 

“They had some fun in Harlem then,” said Marion Gunter.  

“Well Sawdust not Harlem.”

“Well Sawdust,” said Marion.  

“Should we bring Sawdust back?

“Too wild no,” said Rick. 

“Yeah, I think it would be fun,” said Carol Moore.  

“It would be fun I think it would be all right,” said Andre  


“Yeah Sawdust,” he said.  

Historic Sawdust, but that on a tee shirt you could sell a few.  

Out There Somewhere in Harlem, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.