AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – When visiting Augusta’s Riverwalk, you might have an umbrella and some water, but you’ll likely also have your phone. 

“Got to have it on me. Mainly for business,” says Marcus Smith.  

Having your phone and using it on Riverwalk does one thing: it takes a toll on the battery.

“People always need to charge their phones,” says Rich Jones.  

“The faster it goes, the more battery your phone is going to use. Man, it’s high speed everything,” says Marcus. 

Concerns about a dying phone on Riverwalk have not been ignored by the city.

Count them; they’re right here by the amphitheater.

There are two Soofa solar powered phone charging stations: environmentally sound, solar powered phone chargers.

But Soofa…Soofa…I don’t know what that is, and neither do the people on Riverwalk. 

You have no idea what it is?

“No, I thought it was a grill for a while, but it’s not,” says Marcus. 

“A solar paneled phone charger,”  

“Really?” said Marcus.

“Soofa, sofa did you have any idea what that is?” 

“No, I didn’t know that.”  

“We don’t think it has ever been used.” 

“Because nobody knows what it is. They ought to have a little sign,” says Rich.  

There is no sign, and Riverwalk visitors don’t see this as very practical anyway.  

”You got to have a patch chord with it, and who walks around with that? Unless they provide that, then it’s just sitting there,” says Leon Allen. 

Riverwalk has some maintenance issues, and as it turns out, so do the solar chargers.

Marcus tried both, and neither worked.

Heck, I thought that only happens at night. 

Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.