“Out There…Somewhere”: Ospreys rule train bridge

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Palmer Christian is a regular at the Riverwalk Marina. She knows there are trains on the Sixth Street rail bridge but there’s more…

“I knew there were birds but I didn’t know what types of birds,” she said.

Yes there are birds making their home high a top the bridge. Sure, there are pigeons on the bridge…but we’re talking cool birds.

“Oh that would be the ospreys nest up there,” said Ralph Stewart

We told you about the Ospreys, also known as River Hawks or Fish Hawks, making their home on train bridge earlier this week.

And there was Russell and Mackenzie at Riverwalk in the shadow of the train bridge. Oh yeah, the word’s on the street about the ospreys…

“You came to see them right?”

“Yes sir,” said Russell.

“Did you know they were up there?”

“No I didn’t figure out until now,” said Russell.

“So you didn’t come down here to see ospreys

“No, I came down to exercise,”said Russell.

The osprey is known for its ability to dive into the water and catch live fish. How cool to see an osprey from the top of that bridge and go into the Savannah and catch a fish. That would be cool…we’re not going to see it but it would be cool.

“They do dive and get fish,” said Ralph,

“What’s it like seeing them?”

“Oh it’s nature here in Augusta,” said Ralph,

“That would be interesting to see it,” said Makenzie Harris.

Would be like National Geographic, take some pictures because we didn’t see it.

“I will hopefully. This 6S will get it,” Makenzie said with a laugh.

So take a picture of the birds that make their home on the bridge. That’s no dive Out There Somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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