GRANITEVILLE, S.C. (WJBF) – If something like this is going to happen, then this is going to happen before.   

“I’m fixing to go to Walmart, hate to go because they’ll be fighting over a load of bread, probably so,” said Sonny Jeffers.  

When the weather folks start talking snow and ice, that’s the signal for some to head to Racers Food Store in Graniteville. 

“Yes, because it’s going to be rough Sunday,” said Larry Knight 

“I’m going to get some stuff today, if there’s any left,” said Mandy Hydrick. 

The crowd was steady at Racers, but they expect business to pick up. 

“Closer to the weekend they’re going to start piling up, emptying out the milk and the bread, waters yeah,” said store clerk Sabrina Cooper.  

Racers is the perfect one-stop storm-shop: it’s got gas, it’s recommended to keep a full tank, it’s got food,  and there’s also a package store. 

“Definitely need that,” said Mandy. 

It’s been eight years since our area got walloped by that giant ice storm so it’s understandable if we’re a little jumpy at any talk of ice.

“We were without power for four days during that time,” said Sonny. 

“We have a little PTSD from it don’t we?” yeah,  

“We really do because I’m like oh no,” said Sabrina.  

But Racers got you covered with all the staples you need to ride out the storm. 

“Chips juice you know stuff like that,” said Larry.   

But what we need is for any Ice Storm to just to pass on by…