Out There…Somewhere: Oh great, January is back

Out There Somewhere

(WJBF) – Brett Spradley came to Riverview Park for some disc golf. He’d stretch out the days of our spring fling.

“Couple more would be nice,” Brett said.

Even way up north, in North Augusta, residents haven’t been bothered by January at all.

“It has been, it’s been a very mild winter and we’re very appreciative of that,” said Don Smith.

It is winter time says so on the calendar but we had old man winter totally stopped he was off balance now January’s back who ordered this.

“I don’t know who ordered it who ever did it I’d like to give them a bonus because they did a good job,” said Don.

“I like a brisk walk, that’s just me,” said Lula Wilder,

“So you invited January to come back.”

“A little bit.” said. Lula.

“We had this spring.”

“Yes we did,” said Pam

“And how do you feel today, do you like this or not?”

I do not. I’ve been working in the yard watching the flowers blooming and I’m ready for spring,” Pam said.

Look at Lou dressed for spring, he did not put out the January welcome mat.

“I moved from the northeast down here, I’ll take the record warm, that’s why were here,” said Lou Coppola.

But January’s return isn’t bumming everyone out at Riverview Park…

“For a runner it’s perfect weather really,” said Hazel Reed.

“I don’t like the cold but we need it,” said Patty Labbe.

‘What do you mean we need it?”

“We need the bugs killed off all those fun things,” said Patty.

“The temperature for me is just right, right about now,” said Teresa McCullough.

“And before you know it it will be April.”

“Yes,” she said with a laugh, “that’s true.”

Take that January, you’ll blow away one day. Out There Somewhere in North Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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