“Out There…Somewhere”: Oh deer in Louisville, Georgia

Out There Somewhere
"Out There...Somewhere": Oh deer in Louisville, Georgia

The streets of Louisville, Georgia went wild! You had to see it to believe it. 

“I saw the video everyone is talking about. There’s some real animals on this street, yes, I felt so bad for the deer,” said Sydney Hutchinson. 

The Louisville Finance Company looked like it was closed. There are boards where the windows once were after a vandal struck…a venison vandal. 

“We got hit by a deer,” said Jennifer Roberson, who works at the shop. 

You hit a deer on the highway?

“No a deer went through our office window,” said Jennifer. 

Seeing is believing. Watch the security camera video, a really big deer comes flying down the street and straight to the Louisville Finance Company! And let’s just say he doesn’t use the door. 

Right after this happened, the police chief called the manager. 

“I said ‘did somebody break into my office?’ He said some-thing broke into your office! He said a deer jumped in one window and jumped out the other window,” said Ellis Hooks.

Our barbaric bambi shatters two windows but gets away with little harm. 

“Spot of blood I guess where his head hit or his nose hit. Very little blood, very little blood,” said Ellis. 

The deer did some damage. The windows still have to be fixed, the folks inside Louisville Finance are still hearing about it. In Louisville everybody is a deer comedian.

“They just wanted a buck, they needed a little doe, the buck stops here,” said Ellis. 

“They call and ask us if we have any deer jerky. The buck stops here. Oh deer…we’ve heard it all,” said Jennifer. 

And maybe seen it all.

A deer crashes through a finance company office window, and what did it see there? A wall calendar with a deer on it.

Can’t wait until next year Out There Somewhere in Louisville George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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