Out There…Somewhere: Nuts in Harlem

Out There Somewhere

HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – When you’re the birthplace of a comic legend, it’s safe to say Harlem, Georgia knows all about this.

“It is pretty nutty but I come up here often just to hang out with the nuts,” said Frank Ransom.

In Harlem the pecan is very popular…

“Yes everybody like Pecans. I do the pecans too,” said Link Fanning.

At the Pumpkin Center store, they got their share of nuts, and there’s a clear favorite…

“The boiled peanuts,” said Angela Glisson, who was working,

“No question about it?”

No,” said Angela.

We have established folks in Harlem know their nuts and prepared to celebrate National Cashew day…love the ‘shew.

“You can’t beat a good cashew that’s for sure,” said Donna Cagle.

“I live in a pecan grove, I wouldn’t buy cashews,” said Ann Masaon.

“Boiled peanuts is my favorite though,” said Fay Rios.

“I don’t like boiled peanuts,” said Willie Green.

“No boiled peanuts…cashews?”

“Cashews would be good,” said Willie

“Number one is what?”

“Pecan,” said Donna

“Pecan. Pecan more than boiled peanuts?”

“Mm-hmm,” said Michael Abrams.

“Over the cashew?”

“Mm- hmm,”said Michael.

“Pecan…you’re a pecan man.”

“That’s right.” said Michael.

“I would have to go with the boiled peanut,” said Frank

“Over the cashew?”

“Yes, but just by a little margin,” said Frank.

The results are a little mixed up Out There Somewhere in Harem, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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