“Out There…Somewhere”: Not so secret Santa goes shopping

Out There Somewhere

The Community Ministry Thrift Store in North Augusta. Quality and affordability. That’s the perfect shopping spot for the Channel 6 gang. 

Mary Morrison was a majorette in high school and loves animals. Pom pom pets! Wrap it up. 

Jenny Montgomery, fashion conscience. Oh man she’s ready for the set. She’ll love it. 

George Myers, kind of a science guy, loves that environment stuff. Jigsaw puzzle! Moons! They called him Moons Myers in High School. I wonder why.

Last year forgot the boss, faux pas. Heard about it through the grapevine. Let me think about it. 

Dee Griffin is always looking good. Look at this beautiful Santa hat, even says kiss Santa on it. Ewww maybe not this year. 

Brad Means loves his holiday cheer. Look at this beautiful stein, I know it says Justin. Just-in time for Christmas. 

John Hart loves his loves his Georgia sports teams but here is a mini tabletop hockey game. Might be something he can finally win…Ha!!!! 

Got to think…got to think…something for the boss. 

Barclay Bishop is up early in the morning. This could come in handy, big flashlight. This year batteries definitely not included. 

Did really great this year, they’re going to love it. The gang’s going to love it. Still thinking about the boss…well it’s the thought that counts Out There Somewhere in North Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6 

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