AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A Santa sale at Catholic Social Services during these tough economic times is the perfect spot for some gift getting, especially for the gang at channel 6. 

I have made the list and checked it twice.  

“Brad Means: he is in the anchor chair. This is perfect. Whoa, is this nice? When he has company, he says, ‘No, I Insist. Take the good chair.’” 

“Jenny Montgomery: she is very stylish. Rudolph red nose cowboy boots, wow.“ 

“Sports man Brendan Robertson: letter jackets because he did not earn his own. Ha!” 

“And hey, look at this the letter C. A-B-C-D, Dee Griffin, you will love it.” 

“Mary Morrison is kind of old school. Vikki Carr 8 track and plug that baby in.”  

“Barclay Bishop has two kids now and will be returning to the morning show. Espresso cup and saucer, ah, she might need something bigger than that.” 

“I saw this and thought that it looks like Tim trying to determine the weekend forecast. Wrap it up.” 

I got the whole gang, and it was surprisingly inexpensive.

You know what they say: a penny saved is a penny earned.  

Out there Somewhere with George Eskola, WJBF NewsChannel 6.