“Out There…Somewhere” Mystery of Haunted Pillar goes on

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – This base is all that’s left of the Haunted Pillar and Bill Prince misses it.

He looked at it for decades from his store right across the street.

“Still have people every week looking for it and they got camera’s they use to take pictures climb up on top of it,” said Bill.

Northing to see now, because in December of 2016 a car hit the pillar crumbling it to the ground, its old bones lying in a heap before being taken away by the city.

“They we’re supposed to have stored them, but I don’t know where,” said Bill.

About ten blocks away is the old city stables, sort of a graveyard for deceased city property, it became the home for some cursed concrete. 

“It was brought to the stables for keeping,” said City Fleet Manager Ron Crowden,  

“Were you afraid of it?”  

“I don’t tempt fate,” said Ron.  

 The remnants were brought to a far corner of the stables, but we checked, the pillar has ghosted.  

“What’s there is a boat,” said Ron,  

 “What happened to the pillar remnants?”  

“I have no idea,” said Ron. 

 “Oh, really the part they took away was about five feet long,” said Bill  

“They don’t know where it is.” 

“Isn’t that amazing,” said Bill.

So the Haunted Pillar definitely no longer here but I’ve seen enough scary movies to know things that are supernatural have the power to reanimate so what’s going to happen Halloween night.

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