“Out There…Somewhere”: Martinez man was the player for Burt Reynolds

Out There Somewhere

Donnie Hixon is a big Burt Reynolds fan and his favorite movie is… 

“The Longest Yard.”

The Longest Yard was filmed at Reidsville State Prison in Georgia back in the 70’s and Donnie Hixon was there.

“Well he got all the money and I took all the licks,” said Donnie. 

Donnie was Burt Reynolds stand-in double in The Longest Yard, a movie famous for it’s football scenes and in those game scenes that’s Donnie doing Burt’s work on he field. 

“I played his part in the football game,” Donnie said. 

Donnie says it was the movie company’s policy that got him into the game and not Burt.  

“Burt Reynolds could have did it, he was chomping at the bit, but they would not allow it.” said Donnie. 

Donnie was coaching a semipro footfall team in Augusta when the casting director for the movie came to town. They needed football players and they liked Donnie. He was surprised to hear he was selected to double Burt Reynolds. 

“I’ll never forget it. I was in my office and when he called and the girls all heard it that worked in there and they started talking about Burt Reynolds, you know I’m better looking then he is,” he said. 

Making the movie was a big deal, but Donnie says what made the biggest impression was just being around Burt Reynolds. 

“He had a personality. I’ve never been around anybody with that magnitude, probably won’t ever again,” said Donnie.

But Donnie got to see the star up close. He may have been number 22 on the field, but he couldn’t compare to Burt off it.

“Watching him walk, it was like a rooster in the barnyard. You know who the rooster was,” he said with a laugh. 

Donnie is working on a book of his life and his time with Burt on the Longest Yard will be a big part of it. 

“I thank him for a lot of things. That people know about Longest Yard. I mean you know,” he said. 

Out There Somewhere in Martinez, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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