“Out There…Somewhere”: Luck of the Irish has them seeing blue

Out There Somewhere

The preps for Saint Patrick’s  day are well under way, but out by the Augusta Airport they’re not thinking green.

“I was thinking blue, absolutely. Green, I’ll be thinking green tomorrow,” said Tom Wilson of Woodstock, Georgia

“No we weren’t, we were thinking blue”, said Jim Buckley from Dawsonville, Georgia. 

And you saw it.

“Yes we did,” Jim said. 

And what they saw was a blue bird.

“It’s a nice beautiful male bluebird, it’s a gorgeous bird,” said Yvonne Bombardier, from Dawsonville. 

And for these parts a real rare bluebird.

“I don’t think anybody expected this, it’s quite a treasure to see this birds,” said Georgann Schmalz, an ornithologist from Dawsonville. 

The treasure is a Mountain Bluebird, and bird watchers from all over the state of Georgia, from Woodstock to Dawsonville, grabbed their birding gear to get a look. 

“My understanding is this is the first one in Georgia recorded anyway”, said Tom. 

That’s right, this is the first official sighting of a Mountain Bluebird in the Peach State. That can fire up the feathers of a bird watcher .

“We only came three and a half hours,” said Georgann.

Your wife said you had to come.

“Yes”, said Jim

Was it worth it?

“Yes it was easy to get,” said Jim. 

The Mountain Bluebird it isn’t very big, and a sighting of one has never been recorded in the state of Georgia,but people saw it. Talk about luck. 

Was it worth the trip?

“Oh yeah oh yeah absolutely,” said Tom

You had the luck of the Irish.

“Oh the luck of the Irish,” said Tom.  

Erin go Bluebird Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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