“Out There…Somewhere”: Lottery fever who’s in and who’s out

Out There Somewhere

HARLEM, Ga. (WJBF) – They’re Lottery jackpots you couldn’t spend in a lifetime, heck in several lifetimes.

“I’m in it would be nice to win that much money,” said Nathan Hayes.

Its fun to play mind games about what you would do with all that money if you struck it rich.

“A thousand acres of land and a house,” said Tae Steed.

“Help somebody else may use some of it but help somebody else,” said Eleanor Hampton.  

“I would like to win it very badly so I can help other people and people in need,” said Brenda Newman.

If you win do you let all the uncles and cousins know about it.

“My close circle,” said Tae.

 “Not everybody,”

 “Not everybody,” he said.

If you won, would you donate to any politicians.

 “No not right now definitely not,” said Elanor.

“No,” said  Brenda,

“No money to a politician?”

“No way,” she said.

So if you win, how much are you going to give to the Out There Somewhere fund?

“I don’t know, How much do you need George?”

“I don’t know, but here’s a nice round number.

Out here somewhere in Harlem, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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