“Out There…Somewhere”: Lost in Phinizy Swamp, sad but there are photos

Out There Somewhere

(WJBF) – The Smiths came all the way from Maine to check out the beauty of Phinizy Swamp.

“I was looking at the Cypress trees over here and they are very beautiful,” said Gordon Smith from Casco Maine.

They are beautiful. Even the day campers love the cypress, even if one now has been lost in the swamp.

“We’re sad to see it go, it will turn into something else for the swamp now,” said Catherine Barnes, Director of Operations at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park.

“So basically you came in…we had something lost in the swamp…and you were sad?”

“Yes I was sad it’s like an old friend,” Catherine said.

“It wasn’t like one of the kids wondered off?”

“No,” she said with a laugh.

At first, you might not notice it. An ancient cypress snag, knocked to the swamp floor by a storm this week, a shock for the swampers.

“We were sad because it’s like an old friend and we’ll miss it,” said Catherine.

Because of its prime location, it’s been the subject of countless photographs.

Now the splendid cypress will no longer be filling the frame at Phinizy.

“A lot of photographers come out and they love to photograph it,” said Catherine.

“Definitely a loss for this park a little bit,” said Gordon from Maine

Would you have taken a picture of it?

“I would have,” said Gordon.

“Tell your friends back in Maine?

“I would,” he said with a laugh.

Down but not out, the special cypress snag will continue to inspire.

“You’ll still be able to see it and I think it will have a different kind of beauty,” said Luciille Gionet, a frequent park visitor for Aiken

“On the ground so we lost something in the park but at least it wasn’t one of the day campers.”

“No the day campers are still there and they’re fine,” said Lucille.

It was a symbol of the swamp, and that’s no kidding out there somewhere at Phinizy Swamp George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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