Out There…Somewhere: Let dog owners take over storm naming

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We love our dogs so a lot of thought goes into giving them the right name. 

Rusty, Leia named after princess Leia of Star Wars you know where this goes,” said dog owner named Joanie.  

 It will make your day to know this dog’s name.   

Clint Eastwood,” said dog owner Lisa.  

 Dog names you know the score  

 Dallas, It’s my daughters’ dog and they’re Dallas Cowboy fans.” said dog owner Cynthia. 

“The dog’s name is Princess,” 

“And Lilly Bell,” said Joanie.  

Elvis Teddy Bear because my ex-husband loved Elvis and he looked like a bear he looked like a Teddy Bear,” said Lisa.  

 This is not a Teddy Bear, its hurricane Delta. 

Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, storms get named after Greek letters when there are so many storms, they use up the list of names, but Greek letters that’s not very creative.    

“I don’t know what dog names have to do hurricanes but you made that jump good for you,” said Lisa. 

You want to name tropical storms leave it to dog owners they would never use the Greek alphabet.  

“There’s lots of names out there they could go old school like Theodosia,” said Lisa. 

For the dogs call them anything but late to the dog park.

Out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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