Out There…Somewhere: Latest painted piano finds home in downtown hotel

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – At The Hyatt House downtown, it’s the latest hotel art: a piano…a painted piano.

“It’s a super cool canvas, it was so fun to find all the creative ways to paint all the panels,” said Artsy Rew.

And this cool and creative work is by a 16-year-old artist who goes by the name Artsy Rew.

The work commissioned by the Jessye Normal School of the Arts, for a lot of good reasons.

“It shares a little bit of color, music. It rescues a piano that was heading for the dump into another form of art,” said Gary Dennis, the school’s Executive Director.

The painting’s theme is Augusta, you can’t miss the big alligator, but look closely you’ll also find some hidden easters eggs in the work…

“I’ve hidden two of the Masters holes in there: the Azalea hole and the Crab Apple, so you can see if you can find them,” said Artsy.

And check out the top hat wearing dragonfly. The hat is cool but there’s another hidden gem…

“Its wings are actually based on the pattern of the Scared Heart window so that was super fun,” said Artsy.

You see azaleas and other flowers and Hegges Rock. It’s like a great visit to Augusta captured in art.

The hotel opening its arms to this Augusta themed piece and no they didn’t care it came attached to an old piano.

“Oh no we just wanted something to represent Augusta, some of our rich history in this area and it’s exciting that a 16-year-old actually created this piece,” said Jamie Corley, of the Hyatt House Augusta downtown.

This painting hits all the right notes Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.


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