AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Goats are taking center stage at the Georgia-Carolina State Fair. It’s Goat Day!

“We do it all week so today is goat yesterday was sheep we had hogs we got dairy cows so it’s a great week for us,” said Richmond County Extension Agent Campbell Vaughn  

Not show dogs, but show goats, getting ready for competition.

“I’ve tried really hard this year and I think he’s an exceptional goat,” said Laura Spearing from Arnoldsville, Georgia.  

Before the competition, the goats have to weigh in. There are different classes, a bit like boxing.

“They’re pretty docile not like Mike Tyson in the ring,” said Campbell.

“I believe 91 today,” said Emma Connelly. “He is, he’s a big goat.”

And it takes a lot of prep work to getting a big goat ready.

“He’s good he’s a little stubborn today,” said Emma.

The handlers showing the goats range from high school seniors down to Pre-K. This is no kid stuff.

“Kids with kids it’s a good way of putting it,” said Campbell.  

And to be in this competition, needless to say, you need a good goat rope.