AUGUSTA, Georgia (WJBF) — The shirt says it all: Augusta Basketball.  

“Yeah, I mean what an opportunity to be playing in the National Finals. I’m actually heading up myself to Indiana,” says Augusta University Provost Dr. Neil MacKinnon.  

 A.U. is going for glory, and at the Jag Store, business is booming.  

“It’s been great. It’s been great. We’ve had people coming in buying stuff. We have a good selection here. We got more stuff coming,” says Stepanie Sturman, who was behind the cash register.  

Because the fans want to be representing when they sit down to watch, some perfecting their game day ensemble.  

“I bought a cap, and a tee shirt and a jacket,” says Paulwyn Boliek.  

“You’re ready.” 

“I’m ready,” says Boliek. 

“Go Jags.” 

“Go Jags,” he says.  

If you want something with Jaguars on it, they probably have it.  

“Kind of anything you can think of: masks with A.U. on them, jackets, pajama pants,” says Tanesha Jones, a student who works at the store 

“Beer mugs?”  

“Not beer mugs, coffee mugs,” she said.  

There’s Jag fever spreading.

Don’t need the caffeine to be fired up.  

“I’m excited. I’ve been following them since Marvin Vanover was the coach,” says Boliek.

But some of those picking up merchandise have not been as loyal.

In fact, they’re just jumping on the Jag bandwagon, but that’s cool. 

“So you don’t mind the bandwagon?”  

“it’s fine. We will take them all,” said the Provost.  

So if you haven’t been leading the cheers, you can still show your team support.

The last one on the bandwagon is a rotten… JAG.