AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – If toys and action figures are your thing, this is the place to be. 

“It’s the biggest G.I. ‘Joe” convention in the world it happens in Augusta but hardly anybody in Augusta knows about but we’re trying to get the word out this year,” said Jeremy Mace of the Augusta Toy and Comic Show. 

Though there are a lot of different toys and action figures here, the star of the show is G.I. Joe, the iconic action figure that dates back decades. 

“Joe has been a love since I was a kid, because it lets you imaginative play, it was an amazing thing, especially these older guys from the 60’s and 70’s,” said Dean Morrison, from Chardon Ohio. 

“It was the first action figure when it came out in 1964 when they made it, it invented a whole new line of play for kids it’s the toy I grew up with,” said Steve Stovall, of Louisville Kentucky.

As the years went by G.I Joe got smaller, but the bond folks have with this toy has stayed big.  

“These are things I’ve known and loved ever since I was a kid, so everybody has a connection like that with the toys where you’re a girl playing with Barbie or a guy playing with Joes,” said Jeremy.

Now if there is a holy grail for G.I. Joe collectors it’s G.I. Joe nurse, came out in 67 but nobody liked it so nobody bought it.

“So that’s the one that everybody, do you have a nurse,” said Steve. 

Do you have a nurse?   

I have one in my personal collection, but I only came across two in my whole time collecting,” said Steve. “Yes, there is a certain nerd aspect to collecting action figures, for Dean Morrison when he is not with his G.I Joe stuff  he coaches high school football, and yes, they know.  

“They giggle, and some of my very good friends at the school I teach at they say do you have any dolly shows this weekend I say gosh darn they are not dolls they’re action figures,” said Dean. 

 And how about this one, a William “the Fridge” Perry G.I. Joes that’s pretty cool indeed.