Out There…Somewhere: If that’s the name, where’s the orchard

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) A major south Augusta thoroughfare they call it.

“Peach Orchard Road,” said Starla Cook

“Nice road?”

“Really nice,” she said.

Nice businesses on Peach Orchard Road. The Peach Orchard Apartments are nice, you can mail a letter at the Peach Orchard Road Post Office, but how about finding this road’s namesake?

“I have seen peach orchards, but not along Peach Orchard Road,” said Don F.

But it is Peach Orchard Road.

“Have never seen one,” said Thom Steele.

“Never been never seen the peach blossoms on Peach Orchard Road?”

“Not on Peach Orchard,” said Thom.

Peach Orchard Road…got to be a peach orchard somewhere.

“And where is that at? You don’t know? Me neither. When you find it I’ll be back,” said Ricky Butler.

There’s a Windsor Spring on Windsor Spring Road.

On Tobacco Road, you can certainly find a lot of tobacco.

“Yes you can,” said Starla.

Now, Peach Orchard wasn’t always this developed. Maybe, long ago there was an orchard, but seeing is believing.

“I have never seen a peach orchard on Peach Orchard Road,” said Don

“But they were here?”

“One would assume, so I don’t know. Am I giving sworn testimony here?” said Don.

So a major road named for something nobody has ever seen and couldn’t find it if they had to. How does that happen?

Out There Somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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