Out There…Somewhere: Flags number one on this old highway

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) It may look like Main Street, USA on the Fourth of July… but it’s Old Highway 1 and it’s looked like this for months.

Dominique Brown lives nearby, he’s seen the flags.

“Have you ever looked at them and said what the heck?”

“Yeah, I have actually, everyday going to work and just seeing them,” said Dominique Brown

There are six, three by five flags. Crisp, new looking, but not in front of any houses. Not in front of businesses. They’re just there on the side of Old Highway 1.

“These flags, I put them up at the beginning of the year, I bought some new ones. And we’re just going to leave them up,” said Richard Phillips.

Richard Phillips and his wife Kathy are the ones waving the flag. They got the idea a couple of years ago when they drove through Aiken County, where there are U.S. flags on display, and they thought ‘why not go through the time and expense and put up a half dozen on Old Highway 1’?

“I just thought they looked really pretty and very patriotic, and being across the street from Fort Gordon it just seemed appropriate,” said Kathy.

The Phillips say when these flags wear out they’ll be replaced.

“I got a dozen more on standby,” said Richard,

Did you get them on sale?


Phillips idea, Phillips work, Phillips flags, Phillips brackets. However these are not the Phillips poles.

“Well just figured it was easier to put them up then ask for forgiveness later than permission…it’s easier to get forgiveness,” said Kathy.

They’re true flag fanciers, and we have no doubt what’s number 1 on this old Highway.

Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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