“Out There…Somewhere”: Fish tanks, plants and pythons

Out There Somewhere

Penny Jenkins says she is odd and that goes for her garden, too.   

“I just want to be odd from other people…want to do something different,” said Penny. 

Seeing a garden in Augusta isn’t odd, but seeing one set up like this is. Penny’s uses old aquariums as the place to put her plants

“My son said don’t throw those fish tanks away give them to me I’m going to put some flowers in them, he said. What I said, I’m going to put some flowers in them, I’m going to be different,” said Penny,

Not just aquariums. Penny’s got plants in buckets, plants in an old tire. She’s got some plants in these toy toilets and plants on this bicycle looking thing. 

“The lady was going to put it in the trash, I said give me that I’m going to put some flowers on it,” Penny said.

She loves her plants so don’t mess with them.

“These are my children and they fighting words and I get mad if somebody comes out here and touches them,” said Penny. 

So how did Penny get in touch with all these tanks? Well they used to belong to her son but he didn’t put plants in them.

“Snakes,” she said with a laugh.

So it was this python and others that gave up their home for Penny’s plants.

Her son Frederick doesn’t seem to be upset his snakes got evicted for this odd garden.  

“You like plants or snakes better?” 

“I’ll take my snakes,” Frederick said with a laugh. 

But for Penny, it’s all about her snake tank…or fish tank garden.

“Fish tank garden baby, and I love every minute of it. Like I said, it keeps me going, it keeps me going,” she said. 

And we hope Penny keeps this garden going on Out There Somewhere in Augusta, George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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