“Out There…Somewhere”: Fence me in at the parade

Out There Somewhere

December 1st in Grovetown. Christmas parade time. Who’s excited?

“We’re ready to go, sure,” said Roger Dettmer in Grovetown. 

“It’s Christmas time, it’s Santa Claus,” said Lauren Hall in Grovetown. 

Alright here we are on the Grovetown Christmas Parade Route, got a great seat right now. I know I’m early so there’s no floats but you know what else? No fences.

That’s not the case for Sunday’s Columbia County Christmas Parade, where for the first time fences will line the parade route.

They’ve heard about it in Grovetown. 

“As I understand it someone bolted out into the parade last year…that prompted the fencing,” said Dan Bradshaw.

That’s the reason but on Facebook there was some barrier blow back, calling them “stupid” and “ridiculous” and “a waste of money.”

What do they think in Grovetown where they’re totally fence free?

“I would prefer the fences If I had to be out here with my children,” said Linda Page. 

“Fencing probably would be a good thing to have out here,” said Roger. 

“Kids will dart out for candy.”

“Oh yeah, they will,” said Dan. 

“You’re a candy darter yourself you need a fence.”

“I will admit it yes,” he said. 

Two Columbia County Christmas parades; one with fences, and one without. 

“They just got to come together you know,” said Greg Curtis.

Maybe one day in the Christmas season we’ll come together.

“Maybe one day,” Craig mused. 

Do it for the kids Out There Somewhere in Grovetown George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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