“Out There…Somewhere”: Fathers day fishing tips

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – We found Brooklyn Salva and Allyssa Morris walking across the lake shore loop bridge, a lot of time there’s good fishing here. Here’s a fish story.

“On a minnow this guy caught probably a 25 year old large-mouth at 12 pounds,” said Paul Pearman, a fisherman who lives nearby.

From the bridge you can fish the Lake Olmsted side or Raes Creek going to the canal side.

“I’ve caught a beta fish they got a lot of catfish out here,” said Brooklynn.

Now the goal for anyone drowning a few worms is to have that trophy dangling on the end of the line at this fishing spot we’ve noticed it isn’t that trophy that’s left dangling.

Take a close look at the power line over the bridge on the Raes creek side they went for the fish, but missed hook line and sinker, bobber  and lure too.

“Isn’t the objective to get the fishing line into the water yes?”

“I believe so,” said Allyssa with a laugh.

Well believe this this it’s  happen dozens of times a big cat fish might have been waiting t but t power line got snagged  instead   they tied up tackle left to twist in the wind, testimony, that their ability to catch a fish was just a wish,

“You got to side arm man you can’t go over the top come on George,” said Paul

For these angler who got caught instead of making the big catch something for the tackle box maybe a good Father’s Day gift and also kids maybe some fishing lessons out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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