Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Well at least we know this clock will be right twice today, but if you want your time piece perfect next week, you’ll have to do this.

“Fall back, fall back,” said Keysha Rhodes.

Clocks are on the move again this weekend we’re turning back time an hour.

“I don’t like it,” said Keysha.

“It’s a problem. you know because now in the evening it’s going to be very dark,” said Dr Jim Moore.

At Furman’s Clock and Watch repair shop, it’s a busy time of year, they’ll be setting the clocks right for the ones being worked on.

“How long does it take you?”

“About 45 50 minutes to change the clocks back here,” said owner Kent Strickland. 

“You hate the time change?” 

“Yeah,” he said.

The pain of the clock change has many states voting to leave it at Daylight Saving Time year-round.   

“Wonderful idea, simple keep it simple we know what time it is,” said Bill Clark.  

But having to change the old wristwatch is something many don’t worry about anymore.   

“Cell phone,” said Keysha. 

“So that’s one clock you won’t have to change.” 

“Never,” she said.  

“Do you wear a wristwatch anymore?” 

“No, I just know what’s going on with my phone, my phone tells me all day,” said Jim 

 “You young kids and your phones.”  

“Don’t you wish,” said Jim with a laugh.

And should we wish for the changing of the clock to stop, it’s about time.