Out There…Somewhere: “Conduct” a tour of new sculptures

Out There Somewhere

AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – They’re opening some eyes downtown…

“It’s pretty cool, it’s pretty cool. I think it’s a breath of fresh air to be honest,” said Alex Enriquez.

The air is alive downtown with art…new art. Sculptures, part of the Arts Council’s Augusta Sculpture trail.

“I think it livens things up. It looks great,” said Kaleb Hornsby.

Ten new sculptures are in place downtown. Like this one of a music conductor and his one little kid orchestra, the conductor, the artist says is really into it.

“He’s a very energetic figure. He’s not doing this, he’s doing this and you want to show the power of what he’s doing,” said Sculptor Larry Schueckler.

But the public decides what the sculpture is saying.

“He’s composing a child of one,” said Hornsby

“He’s kind of over conducting I think.”

There’s some cool ice cream bars, one sort of looks like a flame, and a giant horned lizard.

Then there’s the large one, with the hat. Hey maybe it’s Uncle Sam’s cousin.

“To me it looks like  a nutcracker,” said Alex.

And is this one tall guy or it this sculpture vaulting over an object? With large weights around the ankles.

“Like Jumping Jack Flash.”

“Yeah,” Alex agreed.

So check out the new sculptures. The old ones might make you feel good too.


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