Out There…Somewhere: Christmas gifts for the 6 gang

Out There Somewhere

(WJBF) – “Perfect spot shopping for the gang at Catholic Social services can’t wait. even got the wrapping paper let’s go,” said George.

“What says Christmas more than an ornament to put on the ol’ tannenbaum? Jenny Montgomery…Harley Davidson Barbie…this jumped in the cart,” said George

“For sports man Brendon Robertson, check this out: an NFL referee tie. How much is this? Ow…talk about clipping,” said George.

“Brad Means loves to get involved in stuff but his schedule…he’s way too busy. But how about this shirt? You can tell them ‘oh yeah I volunteered at the National Park Service’,” said George.

“Weatherman George Myers: when summer comes he’s out in that blazing sun. This will be protection, it will look good on him,” said George.

“Barclay Bishop is always trying new things. She’s picking up an instrument now. Hey look at this organ and the best thing we won’t hear her practicing,” said George.

“Like a lot of ladies, Mary Morison loves her shoes. Look at these, check them out…perfect. And she comes in so early these will be easy to find when she’s getting dressed in the dark,” said George.

“John Hart loves his college football team, very open about it on social media, perfect for the man cave. I got a good feeling about this…this is right,” George said.

“Dee Griffin: very stylish, very hip, loves to change the look…Dee, make it easy for you. Merry Christmas,” said George.

Oh man that was fun. Now the shopping is all over, can’t wait to see the faces on Christmas Day. Now for me? Time to Partini…out there somewhere in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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