BELVEDERE ,SC (WJBF) – Making a list and checking it twice, here at The Community Ministry Thrift Store.  

The perfect spot to get those presents for the gang here at Channel 6. Let’s check out what they got.

Veteran Anchor Brad Means, he’s a practical guy, he’s going to love this look at this bank, at Christmas never too early to plan ahead.

Jenny Montgomery, not just Christmas, she loves all holidays, Jenny when I saw this, I just thought of you.

Weather man Tim Miller, this is perfect for him he ruined his other ones walking through an inch of party cloudy the other day.

Sportsman Brendon Robertson great softball player going to get him a glove, but everyone in the store is left-handed, come on supply chain. 

And look at this beautiful craft nails and string in the shape of an H, John Hart under your tree this Christmas.

Don’t forget the morning team, we got Mary and Barclay. they’ll love it.

Dee Griffin, take a look at this, this beautiful shell, and if you put it to your ear, you don’t hear John Hart talking you’re going to love this, the gang at Channel 6 all taken care of, Christmas shopping was rocking just like this rocking cow, I love this.

Out there somewhere in Belvedere George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.